Eastern Drilling Services

  • Save Rig Time with Measurement-While-Drilling Technology
    Regardless of your real-time telemetry and survey requirements, MWD saves rig time and minimizes doglegs.

  • Logging While Drilling Measurements for Well Placement, Formation Evaluation and Drilling Optimization
    Real-time data from our LWD services lets you make informed decisions when you need to make them—reducing drilling time and costs.

  • Trajectory Control in Directional Drilling
    Directional drilling is the science of deviating a wellbore along a planned path to a target located a given lateral distance and direction from vertical. This includes drilling as vertically as possible from a given TVD.

  • Sysdrill Director® is the industry's most advanced directional well planning and survey management system. It is used by operating companies and drilling service companies to safely and accurately plan, drill and monitor directional wells.

  • Gyro Survey A gyro survey device is a device that is set spinning and oriented toward true north. A north seeking gyro is contained in the slim tubular device seen above. It is initialized and sent down into the casing and well bore.

  • EDS drilling mechanics provide measurements of Wob, Torque Shock & Vibration, Pressure, Capture data maybe transmitted in a real time via EDS Sure Shot MWD/LWD system & recorded in the Sure Shot memory for later download and analysis.

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